Hey Ladies, hey Fellas!

I wanna thank you for all your support I've got since 2007,
when I started SL and grew up slowly to one of the most
famous builders here... ♥

I really had a great time, sometimes too stressy,
sometimes too much bored... Sometimes just relaxed
and creative... But... However it is in life...
Anytime you've to move on with other things.

I wanna thank you for all your feedback, your cheering
on me (lol), your critics, your purchases. And a special
thank to the ones who first were customers and get
closer friends! You all made SL for me what it was:

Something weird, but nice. :P

At once my incoming here was in the first 8000 of whole SL.
Long time ago, 2009, when I "totally" started...

Now my time is over here... Sometimes you need to leave
things you love. And I'm kinda doing it with tears...

I've a wonderful real life... ♥ I'm absolutely in love...
I'll go to school again, going to study next year...
I'm working in RL again...

Sooooooo... I won't cancel my account. Maybe Block 13 will
reopen in 2 years... If all works well, I'll study Mediadesign.
So I'm going to rock your mesh! lol...

But for now I'm going to make a sale... The Tier on the Sim ends
on August the 25th. Until then you'll get ALL STUFF between 25 L$ up
till 300 L$... Then I'll take all in my inventory and *poof*...

Have a great time here... I enjoyed it so much...

Peace & Love


New Release! ~ Late Sunday

Hey Ladies, hey Fellas,

yesterday I threw out a new very grunge blue jeans
in 5 colors plus a short pant with cuffs for free.

All further informations in the attached
textures... Stay tuned!

Have a peaceful and inspiring week!
☯ Syriana


✖¡ǝsɐǝןǝɹ ʍǝu✖ Emma Jeans

Hey Ladies, hey Fellas,

I'm still most of my time offline due some health-
issues... But after 3 months I needed to get back
for a few hours and throw out a new release.

I'm sorry to dissapoint you guys, but the today's
stuff is a cute girl jeans, called Emma...

This pants comes with a cute realistic texture,
some hearts on the knees, sculpted cuffs
and a f@'kin' nice a55!

6 colors available: light blue, dark blue, petrol, dark petrol, grey and black!

Here are some textures, but however it's
much nicer to see it worn... ㋡

Have a peaceful and inspiring weekend!
☯ Syriana


☛ New Homebase Open! ☚

Hey Ladies, hey Fellas, it's over and done.
I have the "Licence To Move" and I don't hesitate to use it! ㋡

My clothes-store is done already,
the buildings- and furniture-store
is finished so far.

There are just some little decorations
to add and some vendor pics to change.
The group-vendor makes some trouble
but be sure it will work till March -
how I promised it.

Just in time I released just for fun a pack
of 3 copy/mod carpets for your urban and
grunge needs. It's available for 99 L$ only
and comes in a clean, black/white and
a filthy version.

As opening special I changed some
prices as well... I did a little corner for older
collections and I filled the outlet.
If you need some already finished builds
for your urban areas
you should take a look...

Take care!


❁ Preview New Mainstore ❁

Heya, I just wanted to inform you about my move to Primitive City for personal reasons. I'll close my Sim (Soleil) at February 2nd and I'll have a new great and big store. Actually I have much fun to texturize it...

Feel free to visit me there whenever you like...
I added 3 little Preview pics of the entry, just come over,
hang around and enjoy the skyline. ;)

I'll send out a new note as soon as I'm done here.

I'm going to send out my free gifts, special offers (group-vendor) and other stuff (starting March 2011) only in the regulary "Block 13" SL-group. It's still free... If you like to join it (again), take this link: Block 13 SL-Group

✖✖✖ If you're interested to buy my Sim (3750 Prims) including
the actually store - send me a notecard with "Store" and the price you'd like to offer.
Starting at 1 L$. ✖✖✖

Have a nice week and take care!
☮ Syriana


New Release: ~ Keira ~ Pinstripe Pants

The 1st release this year is a very cute low-waist Pinstripe pants with sculpted (bootcut) cuffs.
It's available in 3 different colors (asphalt, grey & blue) and to get in my new store on "Primitive City".

Best regards,


It was calm...

Hey Ladies, hey Fellas!

Happy New Year & best wishes for 2011.

It was calm around Block 13 last year. As you see... Last blog-entry in June 2010.
I'll be back in 2011, I'm actually working on new stuff for you, but it will take a while.
For me it's still: RL comes first, so maybe I'll get some issues. ;)

Stay tuned!